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Pokemon Season 14 Episode 9 The Bloom Is on Axew!

Pokemon Season 14 Episode 9 The Bloom Is on Axew!

Synonyms: Pokemon Episode 668, Pokemon S14E09, US. EP# Pokemon Episode 662, Watch Pokemon Season 14 Episode 9, Pokemon Season 14 Episode 9 The Bloom Is on Axew! streaming online info

You are going to Watch Pokemon Season 14: Black and White Episode 9 English dubbed online free episodes with HQ / high quality. Stream Anime Pokemon Season 14: Black and White Episode 9 English version The Bloom Is on Axew! Cilan and Iris have a little match between Pansage and Axew; Pansage is told to hold back until Axew uses a powerful Dragon Rage. Elsewhere, Team Rocket is briefed on a meteor that has fallen in the Unova region, creating how it appears today. Iris tells the others how she was given Axew by an elder in her hometown. Unbeknownst to them, Axew has gotten stuck in the antennae of a Scolipede, causing the Scolipede to go on a rampage. When Pikachu tells them what has happened, they track down the Scolipede with Axew’s powerful Dragon Rage. Iris sends out her Excadrill to fight the Scolipede, but Excadrill does not obey her at first, remaining in inactive mode. When they finally free Axew, Excadrill finally decides to fight the Scolipede, sending it away flying. It lets out a victory cry before clattering back into inactive mode. Elsewhere, Team Rocket meets up with their local Unova contact Flint.

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Pokemon Season 14 Black and White   -   03 April 2011
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