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Films are cultural artifacts created by specific cultures, which reflect those cultures, and, in turn, affect them. Film is considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment and a powerful method for educating — or indoctrinating — citizens. The visual elements of cinema give motion pictures a universal power of communication. Some films have become popular worldwide attractions by using dubbing or subtitles that translate the dialogue into the language of the viewer.

Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts

Watch Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Batman Unlimited: Animal Instincts.When Gotham is plagued by crime committed by an animal-themed villain squad composed of Penguin, Silverback, Cheetah, Killer Croc, and Man-Bat, then Batman, Red Robin, Nightwing, Green Arrow, and Flash must band together to stop them. More… »

Movies  -  02 May 2015

Batman vs. Robin 2015

Watch Batman vs. Robin online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Batman vs. Robin. New troubles have arisen in Gotham City. First, there’s a new supercriminal in town: Mr. Freeze, a former doctor who wields a Freezing Gun and wears a Life-sustaining Cryogenic Suit, causing him to be cold in look and feeling who plans to freeze Gotham until he gets the money needed to finish finding the cure for a mysterious disease that has stricken his wife… More… »

Movies  -  02 April 2015

Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro

Watch Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarro online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Lego DC Comics Super Heroes: Justice League vs. Bizarr.Superman’s clone Bizarro has become an embarrassing problem. Chaos and destruction follow Bizarro everywhere as he always hears the opposite of what is said, says the opposite of what he means and does the opposite of what is right. And when the citizens of Metropolis keep confusing Bizarro with Superman, the Man of Steel decides it’s time to find a new home for him….on another planet! It’s up to the Justice League to come to terms with their backward counterparts and team up with them to stop Darkseid and save the galaxy! More… »

Movies  -  15 February 2015

LEGO Justice League vs. Bizarro League

Watch LEGO Justice League vs. Bizarro League online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie LEGO Justice League vs. Bizarro League.Batman has joined the newly formed Justice League in order to keep tabs on Superman, a mistrust that is complicated by Superman’s clumsy – but well-meaning – clone, Bizarro. Bizarro’s creation of the Bizarro League has caused confusion amongst the world’s greatest Super Heroes, but an even greater and mysterious threat may force the Justice League and Bizarro League to band together to defeat evil. More… »

Movies  -  30 January 2015

Giovanni’s Island English Dubbed

Watch Giovanni’s Island online English dubbed free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Giovanni’s Island English version. In the aftermath of WWII, Soviet Union soldiers occupy the small island of Shikotan and from this occupation a friendship forms between a young Japanese brothers, Junpei and Kanta and a Russian girl, Tanya striving to overcome language barriers and the waves of history. More… »

Movies  -  29 January 2015

Frozen in Time 2014

Watch Frozen in Time 2014 online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Frozen in Time 2014. Patty and Eric Purtle visit their Grandfather for Christmas. After accidentally breaking a clock in his workshop, they then find themselves repeating Christmas Eve. together they must fix time and make Christmas enjoyable for their family. More… »

Movies  -  16 December 2014

The Tale of The Princess Kaguya English Dubbed

Watch The Tale of The Princess Kaguya online English dubbed free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie The Tale of The Princess Kaguya English version.In an idyllic rural setting an old bamboo cutter and his wife raise a tiny girl found nestled within a glowing bamboo stalk along with a fortune in gold. As she approaches adulthood the bamboo cutter uses the fortune to purchase a villa in the capital, buy himself a title and employ tutors to transform the country girl – now given the name Kaguya – into a refined woman. News of her beauty brings powerful and wealthy suitors who compete for her hand in marriage, culminating in a proposal from the emperor. All the while Kaguya wishes that she and her family could return to their former life and to be reunited with her sweetheart, Sutemaru. Sooner or later, though, her true origins will make their own claim upon her. More… »

Movies  -  08 December 2014

How Murray Saved Christmas

Watch How Murray Saved Christmas online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie How Murray Saved Christmas.“How Murray Saved Christmas” is a one-hour animated holiday musical special including the voices of Jerry Stiller (“The King of Queens”) as Murray Weiner, Sean Hayes (“Sean Saves the World”) as Edison Elf, Jason Alexander (“Seinfeld”) as Doc Holiday, Dennis Haysbert (“Wreck-It Ralph,” “24”) as the Narrator, Kevin Michael Richardson (“Family Guy,” “The Cleveland Show”) as Santa Claus and John Ratzenberger (“Monsters University,” “Cheers”) as Officer Bender. More… »

Movies  -  07 December 2014

A Letter to Momo English Dubbed

Watch A Letter to Momo online English dubbed free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie A Letter to Momo English version. Following the death of her father, who left her a letter that never got beyond a greeting, Momo struggles to come to terms with her grief and guilt, and finds herself distanced from her mother. When the two move to a new home on a remote island in the Japanese Inland Sea, Momo befriends a young boy and his perceptive younger sister, a timid postman and three rascally goblins. With their help Momo prepares to take the plunge into her new life on the island. More… »

Movies  -  30 November 2014

Millennium Actress English Subbed

Watch Millennium Actress online English subbed free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Millennium Actress Subbed version.The narrative style is complex and interwoven in the style of “play within a play”.
The film depicts a director, Genya Tachibana, who is working on a documentary about a famous actress, Chiyoko Fujiwara. In her old age, Chiyoko has withdrawn from public life, but Tachibana slowly draws her out. As he talks to her, the story of her life, from teenage schoolgirl to middle-aged superstar, gradually unfolds, illustrated through flashbacks interspersed with segments from her films. Her life spans the tumultuous period surrounding World War II, while her characters in movies span a time period from the Sengoku period to a futuristic space age.
As a child in the 1930s, at the time of the fascist government, Chiyoko helps a dissident artist escape from the military. She becomes attracted to him; however, the next day he is forced to flee again. She finds that he has left behind a key to his suitcase of art supplies and she becomes an actress to travel to different lands in the hopes of finding him and returning the key. Although she never finds her lost love, she insists on continuing the search. At the end of the film, it is revealed that Chiyoko’s love was executed by the Kenpeitai. Tachibana knew this, but has never been able to tell Chiyoko. As Chiyoko finishes her story, an earthquake occurs, injuring her. Tachibana takes her to the hospital, where she reveals that “it was chasing after him” that she truly loves. It is implied that she dies at the end of the movie, continuing her quest to find him in the next life. More… »

Movies  -  25 November 2014

Monster High: Freaky Fusion

Watch Monster High: Freaky Fusion online free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Monster High: Freaky Fusion.When Frankie Stein and her friends found a machine to go back 200 years, to the first day in the history of Monster High, they did not imagine what would happen. A lab accident fuses some ghouls into four new monsters and they’ll become new college students and friends of Frankie. They are: Avea Trotter, she is a centaur bird with leading character. Bonita Femur is skeleton moth and is very nervous. Sirena Von Boo is a ghost siren, a free spirit; she’s a little distracted; and Neighthan Rot, he is a zombie unicorn a little awkward. Now Frankie and friends have to stop the experiment and trying to fix their failed experiment.
More… »

Movies  -  25 November 2014

Time of Eve English Dubbed

Watch Time of Eve online English dubbed free with HQ / high quailty. Stream movie Time of Eve English version.Sometime in future Japan, androids have been involved in every aspect of peoples lives. One day, upon checking his android’s behavioral log, Rikuo, a student, noticed his android’s returning times have been odd recently. With his friend Masaki, they found out the place where his android, Sammy, have been visiting: a small cafe called Eve no Jikan where androids and human are not seen as different. Upon talking with the “people” in the cafe and discovering more of Sammy’s behavior, Rikuo changed his view about androids and treat them as friends rather than tools. At the same time, elsewhere in Japan, the Ethics committee is trying to impose policies to reduce the involvement and use of androids in society. More… »

Movies  -  23 November 2014